Following is a list of links to some Northampton County will transcriptions provided by Thomas Elder Davis. Most were extracted directly from the will books at the courthouse in Jackson, while several are extracted from will book microfilm obtained from the North Carolina State Archives. All transcriptions are in Adobe Acrobat format and open in a new window when the corresponding Devisor link is selected.

Will BookPagesDevisorSigned/RecordedNotes
1325-327William Tyner28 Dec 1778/Mar 1779
2244Edward Davis, Sr.22 Feb 1796/June 1803
458Thomas Sikes15 Sep 1820/Dec 1820
4100Tabitha Davis7 Dec 1832/Mar 1833
4110-111John Davis, Sr.22 Jul 1832/Mar 1834
518-19Drewry Davis12 Sep 1844/Mar 1845
572Arthur Davis27 Sep 1848/Dec 1848
5164-166Nathaniel Allen10 Oct 1856/Dec 1856
5223-224Gideon Scarborough8 Nov 1859/Mar 1860
5274-275Charlton Y. Allen9 Jun 1861/Dec 1862
5284Nancy Davis14 Aug 1863/Dec 1863
5290-291Phillip Piland27 Jun 1863/Sep 1864
6306Arthur Davis3 Jan 1879/5 Jan 1880
778-80Julia A. Lyles28 Aug 1888
7458-460Temperance Vann17 Jun 1892
892-95Mary M. Allen6 Mar 1903/31 Mar 1904

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