Free Black Heads of Family
Northampton County, North Carolina

Head of FamilyAgeTotal
Exum Newsom (m)24-364
Drury Walden (?)55-1004
Armisted Walden (m)24-368
Stephen Walden (m)36-5511
Joseph Plumly (m)36-554
Rhody Hitchock (f)36-5514
Gray Walden (m)24-361
James Hethcock (m)36-5512
Willie Bird (m)36-557
Elisha Bassell (m)36-554
William Mitchell (m)36-556
James Garner (m)24-363
John Roberts (m)24-363
William Sweatt, Jr. (m)36-557
Archer Franklin (m)36-5511
Herod Walden (m)55-10011
Miles Powell (m)24-366
Peter Stewart (m)24-3614
Zebulon Franklin (m)36-559
John Walden (m)24-366
Willie Bird (m)36-552
Reuben Walden (m)36-554
Patsey Dempsey (f)36-557
Warren Dempsey (m)36-552
Archer Andrews (m)36-556
Mima Powell (f)36-5510
William Walden, Senr. (m)36-554
Joel Freeman (m)10-247
Henry Jenkens (m)36-552
William Walden, Jr. (m)24-366
Jerry Sampson (m)55-1002
Herod Dempsey (m)36-557
Willis Roberts (m)24-364
Jesse Ashe (m)55-1009
Jesse Dempsey (m)36-557
Rebecca Roberts (f)10-242
Robert Jones (m)36-555
David Tootle (m)55-1004
Joseph Hethcock (m)55-1008
Faitha Dempsey (f)24-365
Cordy Read (m)36-558
Cullen Artis (m)36-5514
Mary Brown (f)24-368
John Chavers (m)36-557
Thomas Copeland (m)36-554
William Halley (m)10-242
John Dolberry (m)36-5512
Henry Dempsey (m)55-10011
James Sweatt (m)24-363
Exum Tayborne (m)36-553
Nicholas Hethcock (m)24-363
Jesse Dempsey (m)36-557
Hansil Roberts (m)36-5510
Elias Roberts (m)55-1009
Druo Hunt (m)55-1003
Winney Turner (f)36-554
Temperance Banks (f)36-556
Stephen Walden (m)36-559
Washington Peters (m)36-554
William Turner (m)36-551
Chocolate Brown (f)24-363
Nathaniel Dolby (m)36-559
Benjamin Mitchell (m)36-556
Jesse Madrie (m)24-364
Etherton Garner (m)10-241
William Clarke (m)10-241
David Mitchell (m)24-364
Luke Jorden (m)24-362
Nancy Lyles (f)24-362
Nancy Fly (f)10-243
Allen Scott (m)24-364
Lear Scott (f)55-1004
Stephen Manly (m)24-364
John Scott (m)24-364
Benjamin Manly (m)55-1008
Noah Lewis (m)24-367
Alexander Scott (m)24-367
Turner Scott (m)24-363
Elisha Boone (m)24-363
Temperence Newsom (f)36-557
Anthony Wheeler (m)36-553
Lotty Bird (f)36-554
Owen Bird (m)24-362
John Umphlet (m)24-367
Britton Bird (m)24-364
Felson Newsom (m)10-243
Nathaniel Newsom (m)55-1004
Green Allen (m)10-245
Newsom Artis (m)24-369
Britton Cumbo (m)36-554
Exum Tann (m)24-361
Drew Tann (m)10-241
Willis Newsom (m)24-365
Staton Newsom (m)36-557
John Wade (m)36-552
James Garner (m)24-363
Amos Newsom (m)55-1004
Westley Tayborne (m)36-5510
King Deberry (m)36-558
William Sweatt, Dr. (m)55-1008
James Roberts (m)55-1003
Richard Roberts (m)36-5510
Hamil Roberts (m)36-5510
Ransom Roberts (m)36-558
Samuel Archer (m)24-368
Allen Tayborn, Sr. (m)55-1003
Nathan Taborn (m)55-1002
Ruthy Boone (f)55-1002
Lucy Boone (f)24-365
Nancy Wilkins (f)36-557
Faithy Scott (f)24-365
Charlotte Ricks (f)55-1009
John Umphelt (m036-558
King Deberry (m)36-558
Anthony Deberry (f)24-366
Darkie Deberry (f)24-363
Nathan Taborn, Sr. (m)100 etc.2
Willie Bird (m)36-557
West Taborn (m)36-5510
Lucy Dickins (f)24-3610

Source: Carter G. Woodson, Ph.D., 1925, by the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, Inc.

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