Miscellaneous Wills & Abstracts
Northampton County, North Carolina


Will of David Douglass
[Verbatim transcription]

In the name of God, Amen---- I, David Douglass of Northampton County in the provence
of Carolina, being very sick and weak of body but of sound and perfect mind and memory---
thanks be there given to Almighty God for the same do make and ordain this my last Will
and Testament in manner and form followeth:

Imprimis: I give and bequeath to my wife Elizabeth Douglass during her life and
widowhood two Negros their name is as followeth--- Virginia Sious, and P.Nancy, and
also all of my killable hoggs and cattle and leather now in the house to discharge my
debts therewith and after my debts are paid, the remainder to belong to her.

Item: I give and bequeath to my son William Douglass the land and plantation where he
now lives, containing by estimation 296 acres, and all other goods and Challets that
I beforehand proposed him of, and likewise I give to him one negro boy named Dick.

Item: I give to my daughter Molley Carrill all the cattle I beforehand sent her. I also
send her, the said Molley Carrill, one negro girl named Frank during her life, then I
give this said negro girl Frank to my granddaughter Elizabeth Carrill, and I also send her,
the said Molley Carrill, one featherbed where with she has beforetime been possesseth of,
and then I give said bed with a pol to my granddaughter Elizabeth Carrill.

Item: I give to my daughter Elizabeth Harwell, one negro wench named Jane to her and the same
family begotten heirs of her body together with whatever goods and Challet I beforehand have
sent her, but if in case she, the said Elizabeth Harwell, should depart this life without
children from her body, then I give the aforementioned negro Jane to my hereafter nominated
Susanah Douglass and her heirs forever.

Item: I give and bequeath to my son John Douglass the manor land and plantation whereon I now
live with all the aquaintances thereunto belonging. I also desire that my wife Elizabeth Douglass
should have a quiet and peaceable profession of the same during her life or widowhood together with
my daughter Susanah Douglass during her remaining in married. I also give to him, the aforementioned
John Douglass, one negro boy named Abraham and two cows and calves and such hoggs of my stock
commonly called and known by his own, and one bed and furniture.

Item: I give and bequeath to my daughter Susanah Douglass one negro girl named Balender and two cows
and calves and one featherbed and furniture, one teapot, half a dozen pewter platters, and two pewter
dishes. I also leave and desire my crescent saw to the use and for the benefit of my two sons William
and John aforenominated. My desire also is that at the death of my wife Elizabeth Douglass that all the
goods and Challets then remaining to my last mentioned Susanah Douglass. I also constitute and ordain my
well beloved wife Elizabeth Douglass together with my son William executrix to this my last Will and
Testament, praying that my estate may not be appraised being not much indebted, and I am conclude.

I leave my body to be decently buried as the discretion of my executrix aforementioned hoping through the
merits, Death, and Passion of my Blessed Savior Jesus Christ, to full and free pardon of all my sins and
to enjoy everlasting bliss. As witnessed whereunto to have set my hand and affixt my seal this 29th day
of March, 1753.

Signed: David Duglass

Witnesses: Chrismas ______y
John Douglass

[Generously donated to the USGenWeb Northampton County Archives by Buck Wells, OSE [buck.wells@state.nm.us]
~The Douglass family was connected by marriage with the Carroll family and the
Harwell family, some of these came originally from Virginia.~


Will Abstracts

Will of Thomas Jones, dated April 6, 1765, and proved in May Term of Court, 1765. Wife, Mary Jones. Daughter, Elizabeth Jones. Sons, Thomas Jones and John Jones. To cousin, Simons Jones, my plantation. Cousin, Simons Jones, named as Executor. Witnesses were Henry Wheeler, John Daves and Patience Wheeler. Will Book 1, page 126.

Will of William Jones, dated July 14, 1766, and proved in August Term of Court, 1766. To brother, Harwood Jones, tract of land joining his on Acanucky Swamp. Brother, Tignal Jones. Desires that estate be divided amongst my brothers and sister, Lydda Jones, also my cousin, Elizabeth Smith, and my cousin, John Jones Tomson. Sister, Elizabeth Jones, wife to my brother, Harwood Jones. Brothers, Harwood Jones and Tignal Jones, named as Executors. Witnesses were Matthew Jones, William Pace, and Joseph Parker. Will Book 1, page 134.

Will of Robert Jones, Jr., Attorney at Law, dated April 6, 1764, and proved in November Term of Court, 1766. To wife, Mary Jones, the plantation and land whereon I now live, purchased of Samuel Dolling, also 200 acres purchased of Francis Jones and lands purchased o Thomas Bobbit, all situated in the Occonutry Neck, being 840 acres in all, for her life. Reversion to son, William Jones. Son, Willie Jones. To son, Allen Jones, land purchased of William Little, 100 acres bouth of Robert Sims and land purchased from Thomas Parker and Jeremiah Smith, all on Occanecky Neck, being approximately 2,610 acres in all, Water grist mill on Wheelers Mill Swamp, 730 acres on plantation on Meherrin River in Brunswick County, Virginia containing 760 acres, and 400 acre tract of pine wood land in Brunswick County. To son, Willie Jones, land purchased of James Exum, John Williams and 2 containing 4 tracts and containing 1,189 acres situated in Northampton County, water grist mill and saw mills, and land purchased of Barnaby McKinnie in Halifax County containing 1,130 acres and 4 lots joining Main Street of Halifax Town and samll tract of 40 acres on South side of Roanoke River in Halifax County. To son, Allen Jones, 3 lots in Halifax Town joining the public lots whereon my office stands. Daughter, Martha Gilchrist, wife of Thomas Gilchrist. Desired that the account of the sales of land in Rowan, Orange and Granville Counties, which was entered into in the names of Thomas Barker, Nicholas Edmunds, James Jones, Davis Jones, and myself be settled and sale in the name of Robert Fowter, Thomas Barker and myself. Also devises property to Thomas Barker, Nicholas Edmunds, and William Wyund of Virginia (Friends). Joseph John Alston and two sons, Allen Jones and Willie Jones, named as Executors. Witnesses were ______ Furguson. James Dancy and Thomas Milbourn. Will Book 1, page 135.

Codicil to the Will of Robert Jones, Jr., dated September 20, 1766. Devised tract of 415 or 615 acres purchaseed from George Lomkin in Bute County to daughter, Elizabeth Jones, under the age of 21 years, and named wife, Mary Jones, to be guardian to Elizabeth Jones. Son, Allen Jones, to act as guardian should wife, Mary Jones, die. To son, Willie Jones, 300 acres on Occanecky Neck, lately purchased of Henry Jones, and 500 and odd acres bargained for from Solomon Alston, Jr., in Bute County of which he had not received title. Witnesses were Will Catheart, Philemon Hawkins, Nathanl. Jones and Richard Fraer. Joseph John Alston, Allen Jones and Willie Jones, qualified as Executors. Will Book 1, page 140.

Will of John Griggs, dated February 11, 1767, and proved in September Term of Court, 1771. To daughter, Mary McDowal, 100 acres. To son, William Griggs, plantation and all remaining land. Remainder of property to be equally divided between wife, Mary Griggs, and son, William Griggs. If either son, William Griggs, or daughter, Mary McDowal, should die without heirs, then land devised to that child should go to the other child. If both shall die without heirs, land should fall to grandson, John Griggs, son of Joshua Griggs. Wife, Mary Griggs, and son, William Griggs, named as Executors. Witnesses were Matta Exum, Thos. Law, and Matthew Exum, Mary Griggs and William Griggs qualified as Executors. Will Book 1, page 202.

Will of Thomas Bedingfield of St. George Parish, dated June 2, 1776, and proved in December Term of Court, 1779. To son, Henry Bedingfield, 5 shillings. To son, Thomas Bedingfield, gun and carpenter tools. Daughter, Betty Bedingfield. All residue should be equally divided between my two daughters, Mary Bedingfield and Betty Bedingfield. Daughter, Lucy Bedingfield. Wife, Sarah Bedingfield, shall have 20 pounds Virginia money out of my portion of slaves now in possession of Elizabeth Hix (or Rix). Wife, Sarah Bedingfield, named as Executrix. Witnesses were Bennet Hill, Elias Hilliard, and John Smith. Will proved by the oaths of Elias Hilliard and John Smith. Will Book 1, page 216.

Will of Francis Jones, dated September 18, 1782, and proved in December Term of Court, 1784. To brother, Harwood Jones, 100 acres purchased of the estate of my , John Jones, dec'd., the land lying in Warwick County, Virginia. To John Jones, son of the said Harwood Jones. To Elizabeth Jones, daughter of the said Harwood Jones. To Harwood Jones, son of the said Harwood Jones. To Ann Jones, daughter of the said Harwood Jones. To brother, Tignal Jones. To friend, Thomas Roberts. To brother, Vinkler Jones. To sister, Elizabeth Armsted and her sons, John Armstead and Robert Armstead. To friend, Frances Armstead. To sister, Margaret Thompson, and then to her two daughters. To son-in-law, Robt. Withs Nealson. Brothers, Harwood and Tignal Jones, and John Jones, son of Harwood Jones, named as Executors. Witnesses were James Dancy and Thomas Glover. Will Book 1, page 333.

Will of Nathaniel Jones, dated February 16, 1783 (copied as 1883), and proved in June Term of Court, 1783. Son, George Jones. Six children, Robert, George, Allen, Willie, Timberlane, and Elizabeth Jones, to share and share alike. Willie Jones and son, Robert Jones, named as Executors. Witnesses were Allen Jones, James Dancy, and J. West Green. Will Book 1, page 335.

Will of William Jones, dated September 24, 1784, and proved . To son, William Jones, and his son, William Jones, land in Fork of Canos Creek and 1,000 acres located in Grun(?) County on Elk Run. To son, Richard Jones and wife, Sarah Jones, land for life and then to grandson, James Johnson. Daughter, Mary Johnson. Daughter, Lucy Jones. Wife, Martha Jones. Son, Lewis Jones. Son, William Jones, daughter, Lucy Jones, and friend James Williamson, named as Executors. Will Book 1, page 336.

Will of Curle Tucker, dated January 20, 1785, and proved as the will of Charles Tucker, on ____________. Daughters, Mary Haynes, Sarah Williams, Martha Rook, and Jane Tucker. Sons, Curle Tucker, Herbert Tucker, and Anthony Tucker. Son, Anthony Tucker, named as Executor. Witnesses were Eaton Haynes and John Bill. Will Book 1, page 347.

Will of William Eaton, Jr., dated July 16, 1775, and proved March Term of Court, 1776. Wife, Rebecca Eaton, until son, William Allen Eaton shall come to the age of 21 years. Father, William Eaton, and brother-in-law, Allen Jones, named as Executors. Witnesses were Allen Jones and William Eaton. Will Book 1, page 452.

Will of Richard Frear, proved November, 1774, Halifax County. Daughter, Margaret Haynes. Allen Jones and Eaton Haynes, named as Executors. Will Book 1, page ___.

Will of Robert Hick, dated August 22, 1800, proved in March Term of Court, 1801. Son, Thomas Hicks, plantation he lives on. To son, James Hicks, plantation he lives on. Son, John Hicks. To all sons, and daughter and Molley Hicks, daughter of my son, Thomas Hicks. To my four daughter, Peggy Meriman and Beckty Tarver. Sons, Thomas, James, and John Hicks, named as Executors. Witnesses were John M. Binford, William Hicks, and David Marrimoon. Will Book 2, page 215.

Will of Allen Jones, dated July 4, 1807, and proved in December Term of Court, 1807. Wife, Mary Jones, Grandson, John Sitgraves. Granddaughters, Rebecca Jones Long and Mary Allen Long, to reside at Mount Gallant. Granddaughter, Mary Rebecca Allen Long. Gransons, Allen Jones Green and Allen Jones Davie. Grandsons, Hyder Ali Davie, and William Richardson Davie. Granddaughters, Mary, Sarah, and Rebecca Davie. Granddaughters, Amarellis and Emily Sitgraves. Daughter, Martha Cobb Hale (in possession of Dr. Hale). Grandaughter, Rebecca Jones Long and her sister, Mary Rebecca Allen Long. Lunsford Long, Dr. Thomas Hales and wife, Mary Jones, named as Executors. Witnesses were Mary Eccles, David Arnold and Elisha Webb. Will Book 2, page 354.

Will of Eaton Haynes, dated December 22, 1811, and proved September Term of Court, 1812. Codicil dated June 5, 1812. Wife, Margaret Haynes. Nephew, Eaton Haynes. To nephews, William Haynes and Herbert Haynes, all land on North side of Main County Road. Wife, Margaret Haynes, named as Executrix. Witnesses were John Lockhart, Peyton Vaughon, Howell Peebles, and John G. Scott. Will Book 3, page 74.

Will of Margaret Haynes, dated June 5, 1818, and proved in . Nephews, Robin Freeah, Eaton H. Freeah, and William E. Freeah (Frear). To Eaton Haynes and Herbert Haynes. To Fanny Dancy, wife of David Dancy, and niece to my late husband, Eaton Haynes. To Mary Davie, daughter of Genl. Davie. To Amerilla Pride, wife of Frederick Pride. To daugter of the late Elizabeth McKoy, who was wife of the late Judge McKoy. To Hiderally Davie, Benjamin Eaton, and Charles Eaton, son of Major Thomas Eaton. Friend, Thomas Burges, named as Executor. Witnesses were Willie Alston and Sarah M. Alston. Thomas Burges, executor named in the will refused executorship whereupon Thomas W. Jenkins, with Charles R. Eaton and William Moody, his securities, qualified as Administrator with the Will annexed. Will Book 3, page 245.

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