The John W. Spivey Family Bible

This page is a portal to a collection of information on a Bible which belonged to the John W. Spivey Family. The available information includes page images, a general description of the Bible and its condition, its inheritance path and high fidelity page transcriptions with numerous parenthetical notes. The painstakingly prepared material is contributed by Dorothy J. Harcum.

The Bible's front cover is missing as well as the title page. The back cover is still attached and looks like it was made of black leather. The pages with the family information are no longer attached to any part of the book. This book measures approximately 4 inches wide by 6 inches high.

The John W Spivey Bible apparently was inherited by John's first child, Janetta Belle Spivey who married Thomas Early Draper (and whose children and some of their grandchildren are also listed in the Bible). Then the Bible became the property of Belle's and Tom's next to the last child, daughter Virgie Janeva Draper who married Millard Eugene (Genie) Bridgers. Virgie's and Genie's daughter Fannie Belle Bridgers Long had it in her possession and at her death, it became the property of her son Samuel Edward Long, Jr. Copies of the pages were made by Dot Harcum, granddaughter of Virgie and Genie, through their daughter Geneva, in 1979/80 and then again in 2001 when the pages were scanned into her computer. Some of the pages look as if a pencil was used to do the writing, others definitely were written in ink. Looking at the copies, some of the information is not as clear as on the original pages, so each page is presented with accompanying transcription and parenthetical notes.

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