Northampton Co. Queries - Part 1


NELSON - I would like to prove a connection between Jonas Nelson (Sr.) (b. ca. 1760, d. ca. 1825) and William Nelson, Jr. who married Charlotte (?) in 1758. �William Nelson, Jr was the brother of Thomas Nelson, Jr. who signed the Declaration of Independence; William would have been born in the vicinity of �Yorktown, Virginia. Jonas is in the 1790 Census of Northampton County, �William is reported to have moved there somewhat earlier. �Any suggestions? �Thanks, �Bill Leggett (

November 29, 1996 from Bill Leggett

PARKS/PARKES - Seeking info on the Parks/Parkes Family of Nash Co. and Northampton Co., NC. My Moses Parks b.1793 Nash Co., NC, and I believe that his father was William Parkes of Northampton Co., NC, who died in 1814 Nash Co., NC. I have not been able to get his will or probate record, only the inventory of his estate, which list Moses Parkes!! Could you help me or refer me to someone that might be able to give me some assistance? Please E-mail: Thanks.

December 1, 1996 from Kay Hudson

MURRELLS - I'm researching Zacharian Murrell Sr. b. abt. 1755 in NorthHampton Co. So was his son Jr. b. abt. 1776. My next record of this family is in AL and MS. [Any help appreciated].

December 5, 1996 from Sharon Cato

STEWARD - I am looking for info on my great-grandfather. His name was Jerry Steward. He was born in Kelford, N.C. in Oct 1898 (I think). He married Anne Mae Jenkins, from Ahoskie (I think she was his second wife) I don't know when. He had one brother and three sisters. I am currently station in Japan, and am unable to continue my research except over the Net. Any information that you can find on him or his family would be appreciated. Thank you �:)

December 8, 1996, from Phyllis Gilchrist

JONES - I have been working on my genealogy off and on since 1980. I have gotten back 8 generations to the first Isham Jones who came to Tennessee. However, I have been stuck at his name since 1981. I have a feeling he came from a family in Northampton County. He was listed as being born in Tennessee but since he was born between 1775-80, the fact that throws me off is that TN wasn't admitted until 1796! However, there is an Isham listed in the 1780 NC census in your county. Since the first name is so uncommon, I feel there just might be a connection. [Any help appreciated.]

December 8, 1996 from Phillip Jones

BOONE, JOYNER - Searching for the parents of Matthias BOONE b. 1786 in Southampton, VA. Married Margaret JOYNER b. 1778, Northampton, NC. Possibly married in early 1808 in NC. First child was Henry BOONE b. 1808. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! (NOTE: This query originally received on October 11, 1996 at 13:01:56)

Dec 20, 1996 - 10:25 - From: - Jacquie Ansell

HAYES, JOHNSTON, HARRIS - Joshua HAYES' undated will was probated in Granville Co. in Aug 1797. He named his wife Selva and sons Joshua, Henry, Joseph, and John and daughters Sealy, Mary, Olive, Sarah, Martha, and Hannah. It also sounded as though Catherine, w/o of Noel Johnston, was his daughter but more documentation is desired. Joshua HAYES, Sr. bought 210 acres of land in Northampton Co. on the south side of the "Mahering River" (corner of Samuel HAYES) 8 June 1746 and he and wife Silvia sold this same land 20 Feb 1753. A purchase of 150 acres in Wildcat Swamp by Joshua HAYES was recorded on the same date. He bought another 200 acres recorded 16 May 1761. He and Silvia sold the combined 350 acres 28 Dec 1762 and moved to Granville Co. 20 Apr 1765, as a resident of Granville Co. he bought 500 acres on both sides of Tabs Creek. What was the relationship of Joshua HAYES and Samuel HAYES? Selvah/Silvia's maiden name is reported to have been HARRIS. Was she the daughter of Sherwood HARRIS who made his will in Granville Co. 15 June 1763? (NOTE: Originally received on November 6, 1996 at 13:42:53)

Dec 20, 1996 - 10:36 - From: - Cathie Hargreaves

ALLGOOD, SMITH, MOSELEY, EDWARDS, DARNALL, BECKHAM, BROWN, FALKNER - Looking for anything on the following people or their ancestors (all Warren and surrounding counties): Naricssa Allgood, b. 25 Aug 1844, m. 18 Jan 1860 to John Bunyon Smith; Josephine Battle Smith, m. 18 Mar 1867 to Wade Hampton Moseley; Mary "Polly" Edwards, b. 6 Oct 1812, d. 29 Jun 1874, m. 25 Jul 1834 Patrick H. Smith, b. 7 May 1814, d. 19 Jul 1857; Mary Elizabeth Anne Darnall, m. James Moseley Maria Falkner, d. 1846, m. 7 Feb 1842; Alex Moseley, m. 7 Feb 1842 to Maria Falkner; Nancy Blann Beckham, b. 1830, d. 1872, m. 23 Jan 1849 John H. Brown, b. 25 Dec 1830, d. 2 Sep 1905; George Hampton Medlin, b. 1854, m. 21 Dec 1880 to Ellen Toni Brown

Dec 20, 1996 - 11:02 - From: - Gene Laughridge

COOK, HOOPER - Looking for parents of Matthias Cook, Born 1780 in Northampton Co., Died 1811 in Jefferson Co., MS. Married to Elizabeth Hooper in 1800 in Livingston Co., KY. One known child: Enoch Hooper Cook, born 1803 in KY (NOTE: Originally posted November 24, 1996 at 13:09:24)

Dec 20, 1996 - 11:04 - From: - John Lawshe

GAY - I am looking for help with the surname GAY in Northampton Co., NC. This family corssed the line down from the Franklin, VA are (Isle of Wight Co., VA) and the lines are very confused. I believe to be descended from one of the Henry GAY's of the early 1700's.

Dec 20, 1996 - 11:06 - From: - Fletcher Biggs

PARKER, MASON - Searching for information on Lewis PARKER b. abt 1749 married Margaret MASON b. about 1750. I am trying to determine if they had a son Garrot b. about 1779.

Dec 23, 1996 - 21:14 - From: - Wayne Dunn

HAYES, HARRIS - Joshua HAYES, b. by 1725, lived in Northampton Co. from sometime before 1746 until about 1765 when he and his wife Selvah (thought to be HARRIS) moved to Granville Co. Who were Joshua's parents and siblings? Is there any proof of Selvah's surname? I have copies of land deeds for Joshua in Northampton and Granville counties which I can share.

Dec 24, 1996 - 23:00 - From: - Cathie Hargreaves

LASSITER - I am seeking information on Elijah LASSITER and his father James LASSITER. I have traced Elijah from Johnston County back to Northampton County but am having trouble with research on him from there. If you have information that may help me with this search please contact me, I can provide a few dates to be more specific. Thank you in advance.

Dec 28, 1996 - 15:07 - From: - Paula Lassiter

STAINBACK - I am interested in receiving the lineage of two brothers from Northhampton Co. Dixon and John B. Stainback. Dixon married Martha Wood on 05 June 1815 in Northhampton and died on 17 December 1836 in Morgan Co., Alabama. His brother John B. was a veteran of the War of 1812 and moved with his brother to Alabama where he married Francis Brooks on 15 March 1839. The 1850 Laurence Co., Alabama Census lists John's location of birth as Virginia. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Dec 29, 1996 - 14:02 - From: - Charlie Rathbun

EZELL - Seeking information on Wyatt EZELL, father of Wyatt Jr. Wyatt Sr. appeared on the 1830 Census in Northamopton Co, page 114. Contact Richard E. Hausen, 18547 Cocqui Road, Apple Valley, Ca. 92307

Dec 29, 1996 - 15:39 - From: - Richard E. Hausen

EZELL - Researching ancestry of William Edward EZELL, b 1816 in VA; Wyatt EZELL b VA; Buckner EZELL, b VA. Family originally from Brunswick Co. VA. migrated to NC, where a couple of cecendants were born to William Edward; family then moved to Logan Co, KY where they appear on the 1850 census. About 1857, they migrated to Johnson Co., MO, then on to TX and Il. I have no information on family other than William Edward was born c1816 VA; Wyatt and Buckner appear on 1830 Northampton Co, NC. I need to access births, marriages, deaths, wills deeds etc. Can you give me steps to find any of thses records on the internet or do you have lookups? Any help will be appreciated. Other than the 1830 census of NC, I have no infor backward from 1816. Richard E. Hausen

Dec 30, 1996 - 14:31 - From: - Richard E. Hausen

JARRELL, MATTHEWS, TURNER - I am interested in Jarrells, Turners, or Matthews who may have been living around Weldon in the latter 1800s and early 1900s

Jan 1, 1997 - 20:06 - From: - Bill Kemp

REAVIS, NOWLIN, GREENE, HIX - Does anyone one have a genealogical record of Isham Reavis, b. Sept 19, 1748 probably in Northhamton Co., NC. He is the sone of Edward Reavis, Jr. Isham served in the Rev. war. About 1798 he moved to Warren Co., Ky, along with other Reavis families, then to Illinois. Isham had many children, including Soloman b.abt. 1788 in N.C., he died abt 1833. Soloman married Mary "Polly" Greene, dau. of Jesse and Sarah Hix Green. Mary "polly" married John Nowlin. They Supposedly had several sons. I need to know which sons belonged to which husband. also, I have a 1840,50,census for Fayette Co., which show a different husband, Nathaniel Nowlin (who is my 5 great grandfather) and Prescott Overton living in his household. Another genealogist has Preston as John's son, another as Soloman's son. Can any one straighten this out for me? I think I would a family bible! I have a ton of information and misinformation on this Reavis line, which really does not pertain to my tree. I will share this with any one interested. Any and all help on this matter greatly appreciately.

Jan 1, 1997 - 22:14 - From: - Carol Marston

GARRISS, BRITTON, WORROCK, JOINER - Looking for information on GARRISS family, Alfred Turner GARRISS married unknown JOINER abt 1880; parents of James Hill GARRISS who married Sally BRITTON abt 1894; their children were: Sadie GARRISS WORROCK, Alfred Turner GARRISS,Julian GARRISS, John M. GARRISS, Howard GARISS, Senton GARRISS, Willard GARRISS, Adna GARRISS and Edward GARRISS. Would like to correspond with anyone researching these names. Will share any info I have.

Jan 6, 1997 - 11:34 - From: - Ella Hess

KEE - Looking for someone who is or has researched the KEE surname in Northampton. I have a Holloway Kee born in NC abt 1777. Father's name John. Family legend has it that he came to TN from Seaboard NC but forefathers from southside of VA. Land records show a Holloway Kee buying land in 1799 and selling same in 1800 in Wake Co. Any help, contacts, references you can give, including the state of records at that time would be appreciated.

Jan 9, 1997 - 18:26 - From: - Gary Kee - Blacksburg, VA

GRIZZARD, MASON, STITH, GOODWIN, CHARITY, MASSENBURG - Looking for on the MASON, STITH, GRIZZARD, GOODWIN and MASSENBURG families. My grandparents were married. I believe, in Rocky Mt., although they were living in Greensville and Sussex Counties, Va. My understanding is that my grandfather, Jesse STITH was working in your county. My grandmother, Bertha MASON married him some where around 1914.I am having difficulty finding the family in Greensville and Sussex; and was wondering if they had ties to North Carolina. Great grandparents were Susan MASSENBURG and Richard Jackson STITH, Rev. Frank MASON, Sr. and Virginia CHARITY. Great great grandparents were Susan MASSENBURG and Henry GRIZZARD, Robert MASON and Susan Goodwin Stith MASON. Richard STITH, Susan Goodwin Stith MASON, Robert MASON, Rev. Frank MASON, Sr., Bertha MASON and Jesse STITH were all afroamerican. Henry GRIZZARD was caucasian and Susan MASSENBURG, Susan Massenburg STITH, and Virginity CHARITY were mulatto. Any info on this family would be appreciated.

Jan 11, 1997 - 10:49 - From: - Linda Threadgill

LASSITER - I am researching the family surname of Lassiter, Lasater, Lasseter, and Laster. I am aware that Lassiters lived in Northampton County in the 1700s and later. I would appreciated a contact and information from anyone who has information on the Lassiters.

Jan 18, 1997 - 00:20 - From: - Marion L. Laster

FULGHAM - I am searching for an Elizabeth FULGHAM's (b. 1812-1815) ancestory. I do not know if she ever lived in Northhampton co.,but she lived with her husband John Adams LAMM b. Nov. 30,1810 Rowan co. N.C. They lived in Graves co. Ky. besides Edmond FULGHAM and family who was b. Jan. 22,1798 in Northhampton co. N.C. I would appreciate any help locating this persons family.

Jan 20, 1997 - 14:01 - From: - Lewis Wyman

ANTHONY - I am researching the ANTHONY Surname from Northampton County, NC. My gg grandparents, Celia and Ned Anthony were slaves before emancipation, living somewhere in the County. They had two daughters, Celia and Grace. Celia married Jim Davis, and moved to Halifax County, NC after the Civil War. Celia and Ned are found in the 1900 census for Halifax County. According to family lore, Celia and Ned were American Indians. If anyone has any information on the Anthony Surname in this region, please contact me!!!! Thanks. Diane

Jan 20, 1997 - 21:39 - From: - Diane Johnson

RUTLAND, WATSON - Blake RUTLAND, believed b.abt 1750, prob. Northampton or Halifax Co. NC. Want to confirm his father (is John RUTLAND?) and line perhaps back to VA bef. 1723. Want to confirm his m. to Martha WATSON, and discover her parents/ancestry--details. Families bridged co. lines. Many RUTLAND families moved abt 1798 to Wilson Co. TN (some later).

Jan 24, 1997 - 15:53 - From: - Jerry A. Hunt

INGRAM, ROOK - My gggg-grandparents, John R. INGRAM and Sally ROOK were married in Northampton NC 29Apr1816. They had at least 1 child, my ggg-grandmother Cecelia Ingram who was born in NC 6Mar1841. Possibly there were other children. John and Sally INGRAM eventually left this area to settle in Grayson Co VA on Bear Branch Creek at York Ridge. I am at a dead end with the INGRAM-ROOK line and would appreciate any assistance in discovering who these people were.

Jan 24, 1997 - 19:14 - From: - Yeresa Yeary

ANDREWS - I am researching the ANDREWS. From abstracts of will, I have good indications that Gray ANDREWS (1740-1811) is the son of William ANDREWS, of Northampton County . My records indicate that Gray moved to Franklin County, NC, and then to Hancock County, GA, where he died. Gray ANDREWS is my fourth great grandfather.

Jan 31, 1997 - 18:44 - From: - BOB ALLEN

BUNN, DAUGHTRY, MANDUE, JOYNER - Need parents of Owen BUNN died 1795 Northampton Co. NC, wife Sarah Daughtry, daughter of Mandue Daughtry, [ her grandmother thought to be a MANDUE, Maybe daughter of Thomas Mandue]. Children of Owen & Sarah BUNN; sons Ethelred &, Henry, daughters, Mary, Mildred JOYNER [wife of Thomas Joyner] Sarah Delotach, and Susannah Thomas. Also Littleton Joyner grandson . Most of these people came to NC from Isle of Wright VA and Southampton Co. VA. All help appreciated. Beverly Garner Swanson POB 301183 Escondido, CAa 92030-1183 [ San Diego Co]

Feb 1, 1997 - 01:53 - From: - Beverly Garner Swanson

GARRIS, BLYTHE - I am researching the family of John GARRIS (d. 1800) who married Isabel______. Their son Joseph (d. 1833) married Sally _______. Their daughter Mary (Polly) married Solomon Blythe on 16 DEC 1834. John's father was possibly Amos GARRIS of Southampton, VA. Does anyone know the surnames of Isabel and Sally? Or is anyone else researching the GARRIS and BLYTHE lines? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to share whatever I have.

Feb 2, 1997 - 13:19 - From: - Ann McWhirter

POYTHRESS - I am trying to make a connection between my great grandfather, Richard P. Poythress and James R. and his wife, Sarah Crowder Poythress of Northampton County. I believe they were his parents but I have no proof. According to Richard's death certificate( filed in Wilson County, August 19, 1920) he was 76 years old when he died. It also says his body was shipped to Weldon, N.C. for burial. I can find no record of where he was buried. According the death certificate of my grandfather, William Francis, Richard of Northampton County was his father and Ada Mathews Poythress was his mother. He was born in Northampton County.

Feb 5, 1997 - 21:46 - From: - Jean Poythress Spille

FLYTHE - I am looking for info about Aaron A. FLYTHE (b. 26 Mar 1799 in N.Car.) and his wife, Arrener Hill HARDEN (b. 21 Dec 1808 in North Hampton County, N.Car.)

Feb 10, 1997 - 20:42 - From: - Jamey Wimer

OGBURN, CLARK - I am searching for information on the parents of Charles OGBURN. I know that he married Angelina Clark and that her parents are named James CLARK with wife's first name as Mary.. I would love to know Mary's Last Name (maiden). I have also come into a wealth of information on the CLARK surname but any info is very much appreciated. I will share what I have

Feb 12, 1997 - 21:25 - From: - Lisa Mashburn

WILLIAMS, BOYKIN - I am researching the family of the Rev. Robert WILLIAMS, b. 1707 in Northampton Co., son of George WILLIAMS. Also Robert's wife, Ann BOYKIN, daughter of Francis and Millicent BOYKIN of Northampton Co.

Feb 15, 1997 - 10:58 - From: - Robert Phillips

HILL, PHILLIPS - Looking for family's of William Hill born1783 N.C. & Mary Phillips born 1789 N.C.

Feb 16, 1997 - 14:06 - From: - Thomas M. Hill

JOHNSON, POWELL, COPELAND - I'm looking for information on Lazarus Johnson who died in Northampton County in 1850. He married Rhoda Powell in Northampton in 1812. One of his sons was William Johnson, who married Rachael Copeland. I would like to know where any of these people are burried or any other information.

Feb 18, 1997 - 01:17 - From: - William Johnson

BASS - I am looking to exchange information with anyone researching the Bass surname.

Feb 19, 1997 - 00:11 - From: - Lea L. Dowd

SHOULDERS/SHOLAR , SIKES, LASSITER - Need birth, locations, parentages, descendants

Feb 20, 1997 - 23:09 - From: - Daniel M. White

UNDERWOOD - I am researching a John S. Underwood that was born in NC in 1794. That is my only data point on my ggf. There are 5 Underwoods HOHs listed in the 1790 census. this is a long shot but I am curious if there is any available data about early Underwood's in this County in the 1790-1800 timeframe. I do know that John S. U. gets married in Montgomery Co. AL in 1830. Thank You Cal Underwood

Feb 21, 1997 - 22:06 - From: - Calvin L. Underwood

HOUGH, HALL, SYKES, INGRAM - HOUGH, INGRAM, SYKES of Isle of Wight Co. Va. who settled in Southampton Co. Va. then into Northampton Co. NC. They then moved to Anson Co. NC. about the 1780-1790. Hezekiah Hough mar. Mary Ingram. Any information as to his ancestors, a John Hough and Richard Hough, Charlotte Hough (Richards Dau. who married William carter 6-20-1786. Have about 1700 entry's in my data base with Hall, Hough related and Kin. Any help would be greatly obliged and will share any info I have.

Feb 22, 1997 - 17:48 - From: - Jack F. Hall

HAYS, PARKER, SAULS - Seeking information on Kichen HAYS and/or children Jesse or Cornelius. County Court of Northampton County on Monday, 7 March 1814 - "Darius Parker is appointed guardian to Jesse Hays and Cornelius Hays, orphans of Kinchen Hays, Dec'd., ..." Visit:

Feb 25, 1997 - 02:34 - From: - John D. Hays

HICKS - I would like information on James HICKS b. 1-03-1808 in Northampton Co., NC. I do not know the name of his first wife, but their daughter, my g-grandmother, was Susan T. (HICKS) CLANTON B. 5-23-1853 in Humboldt, Tenn. After the death of his first wife, he married Martha DeLoach CLANTON my gg-grandmother whose son married his daughter. He is buried in Humbolt, Tenn. where he died 3-09-1882. Humboldt is in Madison Co., Tenn. I would like to know the town where he was born and who his parents and grandparents were, if possible. Thank you for your help. J. Phillips

Feb 26, 1997 - 02:05 - From: - J. Phillips

LAMBERSON - I am looking for information about my great grandpa Elijah LAMBERSON. He was born about 1818 in NC- I think he was born in Northampton co NC. He later moved to Tippah co MS in 1850 and Independence co AR in the 1850s. His wife's name was Louisa. (note- I may have sent a query to you earlier - if so, it should be corrected to read Tippah co MS (not MI) Any help would be appreciated. Morris Lamberson 951 Joseph Dr. Conway, Ar 72032

Feb 27, 1997 - 21:23 - From: - Morris Lamberson

GRIFFIN, HERN, MANN - Searching for James GRIFFIN born c.1760 in Northampton County, married Mary HERN b. 1766 in this county. James may be brother or father of Arthur GRIFFIN born c. 1775 and married Amy MANN. Both these men and their families migrated to western KY and TN. (Mary HERN the dau of James and Mary HERN.) Any info on any of these surnames much appreciated.

Mar 8, 1997 - 17:28 - From: - Bonnie Danielson

DEW - John DEW b/ca 1721; m/ca 1740; d/ca 1762, North Hampton/Edgecombe Co NC. Son, Abraham DEW m/1763, Elizabeth HICKMAN, Edgecombe Co NC. He d/bef 1774. Exchangeable?

Mar 10, 1997 - 14:13 - From: - Betty Hickman Minnick

EZELL - I have been trying to find parents and ancestors of William Edward EZELL, born VA c 1818. He moved to NC Sometime before 1836. He had three children born in NC, before going on to Kentucky where he remarried and had several more children that showed up on the 1850 KY census. Unable to find him in VA or NC. The name Wyatt EZELL follows this family forward to the present day. As there was a WYATT in Northampton Co. we think that he may be the link we need to go back further. William had a son, Howell, John H. Obuy, and dau Sarah, all born NC. Cannot find any record of birth that may shed some info on William's past. We need help. John H. and Howell both served in Civil War from MO. This is my only posssible search tool. I have a copy of his Civil Ware Discharge, showing him born in NC. The name of the City of County is unreadable. Can anyone from NC accept a fax copy of this discharge to see if they can decipher the city or county where he is from. Tt may be that is a place no longer in existance Been looking for three years for a tie to his past to link him to other EZELLS in Virginia.

Mar 14, 1997 - 11:46 - From: - Richard E. Hausen

STRICKLAND - Seeking information on the Strickland's that lived in Northampton/Bertie Counties in the 17/1800's.

Mar 16, 1997 - 04:42 - From: - Jim Strickland

STEPHENSON, BRITT - I am looking for the decendants/ancestors of Arthur STEPHENSON, who d.1792 in Northampton Co. His son Abraham b.1750. His son William who married Martha (?)b.ca1765, d.Sept-1837. His son Kinchen T. b.1810, M. Elizabeth (?). His son Augustus H. b.14-Jul-1833 in Pendleton, d.16-Aug-1894, m.Virginia Ann BRITT, dau of Elijah Britt. Their 11th child Edna Irene was my paternal grandmother. Any help is appreciated! I will share my information.

Mar 26, 1997 - 19:12 - From: - Bill Robbins

WILLIAMS - Researching great grandfather Samuel F. Williams born in Northampton County. Married a Warren County woman Jane Coley 1864

Mar 27, 1997 - 11:55 - From: - Bettie Moore

NORWOOD, MINGA, MINZEY - Nathaniel Norwood came from Northampton Co in the mid 1700's 1700's to Granville Co. NC. He owned land in both counties for a while. His will in NC shows 11 children..One of his children was Jordan.. who was the father of Nancy Norwood.. who married (27 Aug 1799) Dudley Minga (1782). If anyone has more information on the Norwood family or the Minga family..I would appreciate your help. The marriage record spells Dudley Minga's name as Minzey Joanne Mingia Burch

Apr 6, 1997 - 15:05 - From: - Joanne Mingia Burch

GLOVER, GARRISON - Seeking information Alexander GLOVER, b. -------- d. abt 1840, limestone County, Alabama, wife: unknown. Children #1. F. - Louise Glover, b. 9 July 1828 Northampton County, North Carolina, d. 15 Feb. 1874, Somerville, buried at Lyle Breeding Cemetery, Morgan County Alabama, sp. Rev. Simon Peter GARRISON, m. 20 Dec 1844. Willliam Erwin GARRISIN

Apr 7, 1997 - 01:02 - From: - William Erwin Garrison

LEWTER, FAISON, WOOD - Would like information on Kinchin LEWTER born 1796 in Northampton Co. N.C. married Jincy FAISON 12 Aug 1814. There were nine children: Jane, Mathis, Henry, Rebecca, William, James, Kinchin, Mary, and Lucretta Kinchin Lewters parents were Elis LEWTER, and Ssarah WOOD All queries will be answered.

Apr 7, 1997 - 20:41 - From: - Jerry Willis

ALLEN - Searching for information on Arthur ALLEN, who died in Northampton County in 1815. His estate was probated, but he left no will. His wife was Esther, and his known children were Joseph, Green, William, Jincy, and Frances. I am seeking documentation of the relationship between him and his children, and also any information on his parents and siblings.

Apr 7, 1997 - 22:49 - From: - Roma Stewart

WADE - Seeking information on John Wade, born 1785 in Northampton County, married first, unknown person, and had five children: Angeline, Hardy, and two others. His wife died about 1824, and he remarried, to a Hawley. Any information on identity of his first wife will be appreciated, or on his parents and siblings.

Apr 7, 1997 - 22:53 - From: - Roma Stewart

DAVIS, DEBERRY, HASTY, MOODY, BRANTLEY, JORDAN, DELBRIDGE, JONES, MASSEY, HOLT, DREWITT, EDWARDS - Birth, death, marriage dates and parents for John Davis, Martha J. Deberry, John T. Davis, Lavenia Hoggard Hasty, John Avon Moody, Susan Temperance Brantley, Benjamin Thomas Jordan, Martha Delbridge or Jones, James Massey, Carolyn Holt, Benn Drewitt, Julie Edwards.

Apr 16, 1997 - 21:12 - From: - Linda D. Garner

ROBINSON - Looking for information on Elisha Robinson and family living in Northampton Co. prior to 1786.

Apr 19, 1997 - 02:46 - From: - Paulette Robinson Niemann

William BREWER b.c. 1758 d. c. 1816 m. 2/29/1804 to Sally FOWLER
Jesse BOON father of Martha (Eliza) BOON d.1834
William GRIFFIN m. 1/21/1845 to Sarah BRITTON B.C. 1824
Mary A. VAUGHAN B. 1822 mother of Richard W. VAUGHAN
Timothy LASSITER m. 10/9/1861 Louise BROWN
Seth GRIFFIN b. 1780-85 d. 1823 m Isabel Blanchard
William BRIDGERS d.c.1760 father of Susanah BRIDGERS m. 1788
James GRIFFIN d. 1749 father of Alice GRIFFIN b.c. 1725
William OUTLAND d. 5/24/1687
Thomas TABERER b.c. 1635 m. c. 1656 Margaret WOOD
Jeremiah EXUM b 1650, m. Ann LAWRENCE
Rachel WHITE m. 12/4/1741 William OUTLAND
John Jellary PEELE b 8/2/1729 m. Mary 1750
Jacob OVERMAN b.c. 1655 d. 1715 m Dorothy
John BELMAN b 1660- 1665 d 1/12/1707
John TRUEBLOOD b 1660
Agnes FISHER b. 1656 d 1692
Grace HALLEY m 4/4/1693 Thomas CARTWRIGHT
Nathan BAGGETT d. c. 12/1816 m. Pherebe

Apr 20, 1997 - 03:38 - From: - Gretchen Houston

BOYKIN - I am trying to learn about Benjamin Boykin and about the offspring of his sons Francis and John. I descend from a Francis who died in Jasper County, GA in 1822. I believe his father may be one of these sons.

Apr 22, 1997 - 15:17 - From: - Owen Forrester

BASS, SCOTT, TURNER, PETERSON/PETERSEN - I'm looking for information on the following people: Macklin Bass b.1812 m.Martha Turner b.abt1815, Buck Bass b.1832 m.Martha Bass b.1835, Norman Bass b.1858 m.Betty Turner b.1864,Willie Bass b.1885 m.Rosa Scott b.1891, Rainie Bass b.1913 m.Mary Ellen Bass b.1916.Turners:Betty Turners b.1864, parents, Nathan Turner b.abt1840 and Who? Who are Martha Turners parents b.abt1815? Any links to Eveline Turner b.1836 m. Gilliam Peters(on)(en) Scotts: Looking for Alfred Scott b.abt 1850, Wilker Scott b.abt1870, Rosa Scott b.1891, Peters(on)(en): Washington b.1818, Gilliam b.1838,Chrissie b.1872.If anyone knows of any of this line please email me. I am really having a hard time finding this line!

Apr 23, 1997 - 12:36 - From: - Rebecca Lee

BEALE - I am seeking information on Jordan Beale of Potecasi, NC, Northampton, Co. Jordan was born in VA January 10, 1797, and died at his homeplace in Potecasi, NC on December 22, 1857. He married Rachel [?] about 1818. They had thirteen children; Angelina b Jan 20, 1820; Eveline, Emily & Emma b 1822; Mary Ann b 1824; Eliza b 1825; Willis M. b 1826; Elizabeth Cornelia b 1831; Ferdinand Cortez b 1836; & Harriet b 1840. Jordan married Eliza Martin Copeland Mar 1842. Their children were Robert I.; Dallas M.; and John Randolph Beale. Willis Beale was Jordan's older brother & head of household in Northampton County, NC per 1810 Census. I am trying to confirm that John Beale was a third brother who was living in Northampton with Willis and Jordan in 1810. We have been told that Robert & Holland Brewer Beale of Isle of Wight Co., VA, may be their parents? Robert & Holland were married in Southampton Co., on Oct. 29, 1789 per minister's return. We also think that Robert Beale had two brothers, William & Burwell Beale, but have been unable to confirm this. The early land records in Northampton Co. show transactions for John, William, Burwell, Robert, Jordan & Willis Beale (Beal, Beel). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Robert Allen Beale, 11004 Saffold Way, Reston, VA 20190-32801 703-787-8290 I have an e-mail address at RABeale@AOL.Com, but my computer is down.

Apr 24, 1997 - 13:42 - From: - Robert Allen Beale

BRYANT - I'm looking for any information on the BRYANT family. I have several lines and am looking for some missing data to tie it all together. I'll be glad to share what I have.

Apr 24, 1997 - 21:10 - From: - John Pyle

SCOTT, TURNER - I am trying to find marriage records for Eliza June/Jane Scott & Allen Turner in 1828

Apr 25, 1997 - 22:53 - From: - Jean Poythress Spille

JENKINS - I am looking for any information about Benjamin JENKINS, born about 1760 in Northampton, Co. He died in 1824. Especially, interested in his son Dempsey.

Apr 29, 1997 - 13:54 - From: - Gary Ward

BRANCH, JOHNSON - Seeking information on Francis BRANCH, will dated 13 Dec 1799, married Mary ---, had children Mary, Washington, James, Rebecca, Salley and Christian. Rebecca BRANCH married Rev. William M. JOHNSON 5-24-1804 in Northampton Co. Rev. Wm. and Rebecca had children Mary Agnes, John Francis, James Branch, Robert, Eliza, Sarah, Catherine and William McKendry. This family moved to Prince Edward Co. VA by 1810.

May 2, 1997 - 19:42 - From: - Dale R Mathre

WOODARD - WOODARD, Britton died ca. 1840. His 1st wife is unknown, but his children were Cullum who married Priscillia Lassiter; Samuel; Jesse B.(ritton) who married Elizabeth Lassiter; William who married a Martha; Temperance who married Jefferson Martin. If anyone can give us any clues into this family we would be most appreciative. Thanks, Becky

May 5, 1997 - 09:36 - From: - Becky Dozier

DRAPER - DRAPER, William (1780-90-1834). �Need a father and place of origin for Wm. He married Talitha Parker in Oct. 9, 1809 Northampton Co. His children were: James B.; Aaron; Mary; Martha; Eliza; Willie; William; Lemuel; Thomas. I have marriages for most of the children. Thanks for any help in tracing Wm's ancestor. Becky

May 5, 1997 - 09:47 - From: - Becky Dozier

SUMNER - SUMNER, Richard I, II and James SUMNER. Any information on this family would be appreciated. I am related to William Sumner, Jr and his wife Martha Ann Joyner, a daughter of Barden and Darusha Lassiter Joyner. I need a surname for James' wife. James was a son of Richard (17??-1785) and Sarah Parker, a daughter of Isaac Parker. James was died ca. 1842.

May 5, 1997 - 10:00 - From: - Becky Dozier

DEW, JENKINS - JENKINS, Henry and Martha DEW(?) Any information on this family would be appreciated. Becky

May 5, 1997 - 09:45 - From: - Becky Dozier

JENKINS - JENKINS, Winborn (1792-1866) �He was a grandson of Winborne and Emily Futrell Jenkins and a son of Benjamin and Levenia Futrell Jenkins. Winborn married Jincy Oliver. I need any information on this grandson of Winborne and Emily's and son of Benjamin. Have been researching him for years!!!! Thanks!!!! Becky

May 5, 1997 - 09:49 - From: - Becky Dozier

BOYKIN - I have just discovered a Sterling Boykin in Northhampton County 1800-1820. I would like to know anything more about him

May 6, 1997 - 17:30 - From: - Owen Forrester

CALVIN, GRANBERY, RUTLAND - Looking for information on Elizabeth Wells, who married Joseph Calvin 8/6/1791 Chesterfield Co., VA. Joseph d. 1795. Elizabeth m. William Granbery ca. 1796. He died 1808 and she m. Watson Rutland. He died 1820 Northampton Co., NC. She had a son William J. Calvin m. Eliza Turner 5/2/1817. He died before 1819.

May 7, 1997 - 21:57 - From: - Donnie Calvin

STOKES - Nathaniel STOKES was born March 23, 1759 to John( died 1764, Sussex Co., VA) and Sarah STOKES of Sussex County, Virginia. I think this same Nathaniel STOKES witnessed a will of John THOMPSON in Northampton County, North Carolina in 1778. Young and John STOKES both older brothers of Nathaniel, were living near John THOMPSON at the time. Does anyone know what happened to Nathaniel??

May 8, 1997 - 00:03 - From: - Richard Adams "Dick" Stokes

GRANTHAM - Interested in any info on Thomas GRANTHAM of Northampton Co. in the mid 1700s.

May 12, 1997 - 12:33 - From: - Ron Johnson

BAGGETT - Looking for marraige info and birth info on Peter Baggett and his wife Jane (Louise Jane). Married about 1840. Found Peter as head of household in 1840 census of Northampton County. Would love to find his parents, too. Any help appreciated.

May 12, 1997 - 14:17 - From: - Wayne Baggett

GLOVER, GLADDISH, PERKINS - My gggg grandfather's name was Jones GLOVER. His daughter, my ggg grandmother, was named Mary GLOVER and she was born in Northampton County, NC. Her daughter, Julia GLADDISH, was born in 1804 and married at her grandfather Glover's farm in Northampton County, NC on 30 May 1820. Julia was the daughter of William Gladdish and his wife Mary Glover. Julia Gladdish married Robert Perkins. She was educated and kept a series of six journals until her death in 1868. Looking for birth dates, siblings, or any other information about these people.

May 15, 1997 - 11:31 - From: - Laura

FUTRELL/FUTRAL - Looking for persons researching the surname Futrell/Futral from North Carolina. Looking for those who may have had members who migrated to Georgia in late 1700's and eary 1800's.

May 18, 1997 - 20:38 - From: - Morris Underwood

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