Selected Northampton County Marriage Bonds*

Following is a selected list of Northampton County marriage bonds and related records. They are extracted from the Northampton County Marriage Bonds reels (071.60002 and 071.60003) of the North Carolina State Archives County Records collection microfilm library. Each list entry includes page image thumbnail links to full size images of the corresponding marriage bond and/or related document pages.

GroomBrideDateDocument Links
Allen DeBerryMourning Vaughan6 Jun 1849
Aron SpiveyEmma Grant16 Jan 1838
Arthur Davis, Jr.Fereby Luter21 Mar 1826
Arthur StevensonCherry Davis4 Mar 1816
Barnaba PopeRhoda Davis6 Sep 1817
Benjamin OdomLouisa Liles13 Mar 1856
Benjamin TaylorSarah Daughtry26 Jan 1845
Calep TaylorLucy Davis2 Jan 1933
David LassiterTabitha Davis3 Sep 1823
Dickerson DavisEmily Johnson7 Dec 1841
Dorsey DavisSarah Mann5 Sep 1926
Drury DavisNancy Parks4 Jan 1828
Edward DavisDolly Jones25 Sep 1823
Elias LewterMary J. Bridgers31 Oct 1853
Elias LewterSally Davis7 Nov 1839
Elias VickLucy Joyner11 Jan 1837
Elijah VaughanHarriet Sikes30 Oct 1839
Enos DavisMildred Johnson9 Jan 1840
Francis DeloatchMary Boon20 Oct 1838
Georg W. BennDorothy Edwards29 Oct 1827
George AllenMary Davis9 Sep 1847
Henry DavisNancy Spivey10 Jan 1839
Henry HastyNoracissa Davis17 Nov 1845
Hezekiah DavisOlliff DeLoatch30 Dec 1846
Hezekiah DavisRebecca Allen2 Dec 1861
Hezekiah H. DeLoatchElizabeth T. Allen25 Nov 1855
Hezekiah WheelerNancy Vaughan9 Jan 1856
Hilery DavisMartha A. Suiter14 Mar 1831
Hillery VaughanEmma Pope7 Jan 1847
Howell JonesDolly Hasty2 Sep 1816
James DeloatchLucy Taylor23 Dec 1815
James FaisonAngelina Edwards22 Jan 1835
James H. FaisonMary E. Haisty12 Feb 1862
James H. WheelerAdrianna Edwards3 Jan 1866
James I. DeLoatchNancy Davis21 Jan 1846
James T. MaddryElizabeth Davis2 Nov 1829
Jason PilandSarah DeLoatch16 Aug 1858
Jenkins VannTemperence Davis14 Mar 1839
Jesse DavisMary Powell4 Mar 1846
Jesse ParkerLucy Vick10 Jan 1845
Jesse PilandElizabeth Taylor4 May 1858
Jesse SmithSarah Piland16 Aug 1849
John DavisNancy Sikes6 Jan 1823
John DavisSarah Stancell26 Dec 1833
John G. GaySarah E. Johnson13 Jan 1866
John P. BarnesRhoda Williams1 Nov 1850
John T. AllenNancy Davis1 Sep 1865
John Thomas WheelerNancy Boon4 Mar 1867
John W. SpencerJane Piland20 Feb 1860
John WilliamsRhody Pope19 Feb 1823
Jordan DavisPatsey Gay27 Dec 1817
Joseph BridgesElizabeth Davis14 Jun 1834
Joseph BrittMariam Martin24 Jun 1836
Joshua C. FleetwoodL. F. Maddry21 Oct 1865
Joshua C. FleetwoodSusan E. Lewter19 Oct 1852
Josiah DavisRebecca Britton24 Dec 1846
Kinchen DavisDelia Sikes2 Oct 1854
Kinchen LewterJinsey Faison12 Aug 1814
Lemuel DavisJane Edwards24 Feb 1824
Lewis DaughtrySarah Davis5 Jan 1859
Littleberry DavisHarriet Jane Gay23 Oct 1861
Nathan StancelMartha Davis30 Nov 1833
Noah DeBerryMary Davis25 May 1853
Oconnell DavisSarah Ann Martin28 Mar 1857
Philip PilandJincy Garris2 Sep 1822
Riddick PopeEliza Johnson22 Apr 1845
Samuel HastyRebecca Davis1 Jan 1845
Samuel J. PilandFrances H. DeLoatch28 Apr 1853
Solomon T. GayDolly Deloatch26 Dec 1833
Starling DavisNancy Edwards1 Jun 1812
Stephen H. DavisMary A. Hasty27 Dec 1866
Thomas CrowderMartha Haisty3 Jan 1867
Thomas WesterSalley Ivey18 Jan 1840
Turner DavisMartha Barnes26 Sep 1828
Turner DavisSarah Simpson1 Aug 1835
Turner DeLoatchRebecca Davis23 Apr 1822
Wesley DeloatchSusan T. Scarborough23 Jan 1865
Wesley HaistyLouisa Crowder3 Jan 1867
Westley HaysteyEliza Davis30 Dec 1845
Wilkerson DavisRebecca Powell22 Feb 1823
William A. DavisMartha J. Brewer21 Sep 1853
William AllenRebecca Jane DeLoatch23 Dec 1841
William DavisSusanah Hasty22 Nov 1845
William G. AtkinsonEliza J. Johnson7 Nov 1851
William R. SikesMary Ann Scarborough31 Jul 1838
Willie HastySally Stephenson30 Oct 1815
Wm DavisMartha Scarborough1 Jan 1843
Wm James LilesE. F. DeLoatch24 Dec 1866

*The Northampton County Marriage Bond Index page scans are used here by the courtesy of the North Carolina Division of Arts and History, Raleigh, North Carolina.

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