Church Records

Fillowing is a list of some Northampton County churches, including geographic location data. Some of the church names are presented as links to additional information on the selected church.

Records and photos of churches are very valuable to those who can identify the church where they have family ties. If you have a photo or other records of any church in Northampton Co., please consider sharing them with us sharing them with us so we can make them accessible to others. You will be acknowledged and retain the copyright for any material submitted for use. We would like to assemble a comprehensive library of information on Northampton County churches.

NameLatitudeLongitudeUSGS 75' Map
Allen Chapel362437N0771903WGalatia
Antioch Church361907N0772408WBoones Crossroads
Ashley Grove Church362401N0771038WConway
Bethan Church362422N0771358WConway
Bethany Church363036N0773959WBarley
Bethel Church362952N0772904WJackson
Boones Chapel362151N0772723WBoones Crossroads
Branch Chapel361609N0772051WRich Square
Chapel Grove Church362646N0773344WWeldon
Chapel Hill Church361518N0772003WRich Square
Concord Church363140N0772822WClaresville
Cool Spring Church362951N0773917WRoanoke Rapids
Cumbo Chapel361824N0772041WRich Square
Faithful Band Church363004N0773216WSkippers
First Cedar Grove Church363201N0775018WValentines
First Evangelical Church362949N0773803WRoanoke Rapids
Gaston Church363139N0774654WValentines
Grace Church361622N0771324WWoodland
Hebron Church362124N0771045WWoodland
Hill Chapel362410N0772912WJackson
Hope Temple361512N0771754WRich Square
Jerusalem Church362006N0771213WWoodland
Lasker Baptist  Lasker
Lebanon Church363014N0773623WSkippers
Mount Carmel Church362619N0772407WJackson
Mount Hope Church362345N0772508WJackson
Mount Zion Church363151N0772248WClaresville
Nebo Church362515N0770847WConway
New Hope Church362022N0771832WRich Square
Oak Grove Church362759N0773637WWeldon
Oak Grove Church363238N0774423WBarley
Parker Chapel362127N0772812WBoones Crossroads
Piney Grove Church362400N0772400WJackson
Pinners Church361813N0771604WRich Square
Potecasi Baptist Church A brief history and photos
Rehoboth United Methodist ChurchPhoto
Revell Hill Church362244N0771032WConway
Roanoke Chapel362244N0773222WWeldon
Roanoke-Salem Church362727N0773202WWeldon
Roberts Chapel362819N0771157WConway
Saint Johns Church362606N0771519WGalatia
Saint Johns Church362607N0773010WWeldon
Saint Lukes Church363135N0774645WValentines
Sharon Church363105N0771813WMargarettsville
Shiloh Church363001N0773912WBarley
Tillans Chapel363135N0775322WGasburg
Zion Church362603N0771608WGalatia
Zion Hill Church362829N0772150WGalatia
Zoar Church362819N0771545WGalatia

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