Cemetery Records

Fillowing is a list of some Northampton County cemeteriees, including geographic location data. Some of the cemetery names are presented as links to additional information on the selected cemetery, in some cases to local pages and in others to pages at Interment.net

Records and photos of ccemeteries are very valuable to those who can identify the cemetery where they have family ties. If you have a photos, transcriptions or other records of any cemetery in Northampton Co., please consider sharing them with us so we can make them accessible to others. You will be acknowledged and retain the copyright for any material submitted for use. We would like to assemble a comprehensive library of information on Northampton County cemeteries.

NameLatitudeLongitudeUSGS 75' Map
Bell Cemetery361351N0771624WNorfleet
Beale Cemetery   
First Baptist Church Cemetery 363041N0771128W 
Floyd Cemetery363101N0773849WBarley
Gray Cemetery    
Lassiter-Harrell Cemetery    
Massey Cemetery363156N0773859WBarley
Moody Cemetery363030N0774036WBarley
Nebo Church Cemetery362516N 0770945WConway
Nelson Family Cemetery 362534N0771106W 
Outland - Joyner CemeteryEagletown
Phillips Cemetery362935N0772601WJackson
Potecasi Baptist Church    
Powell Cemetery   
Rea Cemeteries361432N0771636WNorfleet
Rook Cemetery363128N0774146WBarley
Smith Cemetery363148N0774048WBarley
Squire Cemetery363037N0774204WBarley
Stevenson Farm Cem. 362830"N0773122W  
Sumner Cemetery   
Thomas Cemetery363043N0773717WSkippers

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