Some Bible Records
Halifax & Northampton Counties
North Carolina
[pp. 41-50]

Lillie May Hux died 1 December 1953

Buck D. Hux and Maggie E. Hux married 19 April 1925

William Davis Hux son of B. D. H. and M. E. H. born 9 October 1926 Sat Alfred Donald Hux son of B. D. H. and M. E. H. born 2 November 1928 Fri

Maggie Elizabeth Hux daughter of B. F. (Barzillia Franklin) Hux and Sarah E. (Elizabeth Hux) Hux born 12 December 1908

(John W. McGwigan)

Bible now in the possession of Lucius, Clinton and Ashley Stallings, Enfield, N. C. 27823

Published by American Bible Society, New York 1880

Benj. Johnson was married to Elizabeth Davis 26 March 1840

George W. Davis was married to Rebecca J. Johnson 27 Sept. 1871

Beufort E. Johnson was married to Willie R. Cheek -- January 1866

Beaufort E. Cheek was married to Pris. H. (N Or W?) Taylor 20 Jan. 1875 

Mary E. Johnson was married to Walter ______ Bobbitt -- Nov. 1877 

Lucius D. Johnson was married to Mary Harrison 29 Feb. 1880 

Lucius D. Johnson was married to Lucy T. Perry 12 Dec. 1888 

Mary B. Johnson was married to Ernest E. Stallings 4 Dec. 1907

Benj. Johnson was born 17 Dec. 1800

Elizabeth Johnson was born 27 January 1823

Elizabeth B. Johnson was born 29 Dec. 1846

Benjamin Franklin Johnson was born 7 Nov. 1848

Rebecca J. Johnson was born 6 May 1850

Lucius D. Johnson was born 10 May 1853.

May Emily Johnson was born 8 April 1856


Children of Lucius Johnson:

Little girl was born 12 April 1889

Pattie B. Johnson was born 19 April 1882

Mary B. Johnson was born 25 October 1883

Eula L. Johnson was born 25 July 1885

Benjamin H. Johnson was born 27 February 1888

Rebecca Johnson, daughter of L. D. Johnson and Lucie P. Johnson was born 7 November 1891

Carlton McKerrall Stallings, son of Carl C. Stallings and Rebecca J. Stallings was born 21 October 1918

Ernest Harrison Stallings, son of E. E. and Mamie J. Stallings was born 4 November 1908

Eula Lee Stallings, daughter of the same, was born 16 April 1910

Clinton and Lucius Stallings, twin sons of the same were born 2 December 1912

Ashley Young Stallings, son of the same, was born 27 August 1918

Benj. Franklin Johnson died 5 April 1849

Mary B. Johnson, wife of L. D. Johnson, died 28 February 1888

Pattie B. Johnson died 11 August 1883

Lucius D. Johnson died 29 April 1900

Lucy Perry Johnson died 30 June 1901

(Sarah Thrower Hardison)

Bible now in the possession of Mrs. Boyd Robinson (Katherine Stevenson), Garysburg, N. C.

Bible was published in 1842.

George W. Kee, the son of Charles R. Kee and Nancy Kee, married Miss Martha E. Warren 5 January 1848


W. T. Kee, the son of Charles R. Kee and Nancy Kee, married Miss A. E. L. Taylor 31 May 1853

W. D. Coker, the son of John Coker and Nancy Coker, married Sarah V. R. Kee 7 December 1854

William Hunter Harris married Susan A. Gary 21 December 1865

Annie E. Coker, daughter of Sarah V. and Wiley D. Coker, married John G. Ellis 24 February 1881

Brutus Coker, son of Sarah V. and Wiley D. Coker, married Annie M. Squire 9 January 1884

Wiley Kea was borned 14 June 1789 George Kea as borned 19 September 1791 

Charles R. Kea was horned 12 May 1796 

Nancy Kea was horned 20 January 1799 

Winefred Kea was horned 22 November 1779 

Sally Kea was borned 30 October 1785 

Nancy Capel was horned 9 June 1793 

Thos. Capel was borned 13 March 1810

Charles R. Kee, the son of George W. Kee and Martha Kee, was born 24 February 1849

Thomas B. Coker was borned 5 April 1862 

Frances Ann Kea was borned 13 November 1820 

Caroline S. Kea was born 21 September 1823

George W. Kea was horned 21 November 1826

Louveania P. Kea was horned 11 October 1829

William T. Kea was horned 2 April 1832 

Sarah V. Kea was borned 30 April 1838 

Susan Ann Gary was horned 21 September 1844 

Lillie Coker was horned 22 January 1867


Black Children:

Jane, a daughter of Silvester and James (?} was born 25 November 1849 

Black childe a son of Silvester James W. was born 25 September 1851 

A daughter of Silvester James was born 15 April 1853

A daughter of Silvester, Dellar, was born 5 August 1854

Ann Eliza Coker was borned 4 January 1858

Oliver B. Coker was horned 4 September 1860

M. E. Coker was borned 29 September 1855

Bobey Jones Coker was burned. 6 April 1864

Luther Snider Coker was horned 11 November 1869

Lillie Coker was borned 22 January 1867

Sarah Alice Coker was horned 9 July 1874

Roland Coker was borned 20 October 1876

Wiley D. Coker, the son of John Coker and Nancy Coker, was borned 21 January 1835

Reuben was horned 28 July 1881. Died 2 August 1881

T. B. Coker, son of T. B. and A. M. Coker, was born 4 November 1884

John Gary Ellis son of Robert Allen Ellis and Lucy Ann Gary Ellis, was born 7 August 1847

Annie E. Coker Born 4 January 1858 

Lucy A. Ellis born 5 February 1882 

John G. Ellis born 4 October 1883 

Robert Allen Ellis born 1 May 1885 

Wiley Coker Ellis born 17 May 1887 

Horace Sumner Ellis born 23 January 1891 

Sarah Virginia Ellis born 3 March 1894

Charles R. Kea died Saturday 23 August 1845 at 8 in the evening

M. E. Coker died Friday 10 October 1862 about 2 in the evening

- 44 -

Bobie Jones Coker died Wensday 17 July 1867 at 10 at night

Luther Snider Coker died Friday 12 May 1871 about 8 at night

Lillie C. Vincent died 18 January 1896

Nancy Kee died Monday 24 January 1876

Thomas Capel died Thursday 25 April 1878

Sarah V. R. Coker died Friday morning at 5 o'clock 13 April 1883

Brutus Coker, son of Sarah V. R. Coker, died Wednesday night at 11 15 October 1884

W. D. Coker died Sunday 26 June 1887 between 6 and 7 in the morning

Annie Eliza Ellis nee Coker died 17 March 1898

J. G. Ellis died 14 February 1901

Wiley Coker Ellis died 28 September 1943

Robert Allen Ellis died 18 October 1918

John Gary Ellis died 16 October 1960

Horace Sumner Ellis died 15 November 1962

Sarah Alice Coker (Ward) died 25 October 1913

W. D. Ellis died 26 September 1907

Lucy Ann Ellis died 2 December 1847

(Birdie B. Dunn)

Bible now in possession of Mrs. R. E. Hunt, Rt. 1, Box 246, Halifax, N. C.

This Bible adds to the information in the John H. and Mary Shaw Bible Book. Mary Shaw was a Shaw before marriage to a Shaw.

John H. and Mary Shaw of Halifax County were married at home on 11 December 1894

Hilda Shaw and T. L. Keeter were married 14 December 1909

Hilda Orine Shaw born 16 May 1896 


Irk Demonford Shaw was born 16 May 1896 

Little Johnny Shaw was born 24 May 1900 

Lettie Marice Shaw was born 14 November 1901 

Lonel Shaw was born 20 June 1904

Willie Shaw was born 26 September 1908

Lois Shaw was born 27 August 1910

Virginia Weldon Shaw was born 1 December 1912 

Mrs. Mary Shaw was born 23 November 1875 

Thomas L. Keeter was born. 31 March 1889 

Hilliard Henry Braswell 16 September 1912

 (John W. McGwigan)

Bible now in possession of Miss Ruth Lewis of 301 Batchelor Av., Enfield , N. C.

Published in New York by the American Bible Society and bearing publiļæ½cation date of 1881.

S. M. Lewis and Dora lock were married 9 February 1881

Eva Dahlia, daughter of S. M. and Dora Lewis was born 27 August 1882 

Benjamin, son of same was born 10 August 1884 

Sarah Mabel, daughter of same was born 1 June 1887 

Peggie, daughter of sane was born 10 November 1888 

Jennie Oliver, daughter of same was born 12 June 1890 

Joseph Monterey, son of same was born 23 November 1893 

Harry Graden, son of same was born 19 December 1896 

John R. Lewis died 17 March 1877

His wife, Sallie Lewis, died 7 May 1895


S. M. Lewis was born 25 October 1845 and died 5 February 1918

His wife Dora Lock was born 27 February 1855 and died 4 July 1926 

Peggie Lewis Lee was born 11 June 1849 and died 27 March 1931

Sarah Mabel L. Neville was born 1 June 1887 and dIed 27 December 1934 

Joseph M. Lewis died 22 October 1974

(Maude Fleming)

Bible now in the possession of Harry McDaniel, Scotland Neck, N. C.

The title page is missing. McDanield family lived in Enfield.

William J. McDaniel was born 17 July 1841 

Arthur P. McDaniel was born 23 April 1862

Estelle Leroy McDaniel was born 26 May 1862 

Charley Edward McDaniel was born 11 February 1866

Russell Aubry McDaniel was born 22 January 1870 

Maud Louella McDaniel was born 30 July 1872

Charlie E. McDaniel, daughter of C. E. McDaniel and M. E. McDaniel, was born 9 September 1889 Died 7 February 1927

Ernest L. McDaniel, son of R. A. and Mamie T. McDaniel, was born 2 October 1890

William Aubry McDaniel, son of R. A. and Mamie T. McDaniel, was born 21 March 1893

Russell McDaniel was born 5 December 1895

R. E. McDaniel, son of R. A. McDaniel and Mamie McDaniel, was horned 5 December 1895

Arthur T. Edmondson, son of R. T. Edmondson and Maud L. Edmondson, was horned 29 November 1896

Fannie W. Edmondson, daughter of R. T. Edmondson and Maud L. Edmondson, was born 22 July 1898


Bessie Lee Edmondson was born 7 September 1900

Carrie Estelle was born 7 September 1902

Mary Jannett was born 8 August 1904

William J. McDaniel and Fannie E. Barfield were married Thursday 31 January 1861

Thomas H. Christie and Martha Henry Barfield were married 27 January 1859 

Russell A. McDaniel and Mamie T. Rawlings were married 8 January 1890 

Charlie E. McDaniel and Mary E. Smith were married 18 November 1888

Resie T. Edmondson and Maud McDaniel were married 7 July 1895

A. P. McDaniel and Eupha L. Nevill were married 28 January 1900

Patrick McDaniel died Friday 8 June 1860 

Estelle Leroy McDaniel died 23 September 1878

Susan McDaniel, wife of Patrick McDaniel, Sunday 23 November 1879

Thomas B. Christie died 26 December 1871 

Charlie E. McDaniel died 18 February 1889 

R. A. McDaniel died 5 November 1895 

Thad Edmondson died 29 July 1944

Maud Edmondson died 6/7 (?) November 22 - 1932 (?) in California

Fannie E. McDaniel died 19 January 1904

Mauden Lacy McDaniel, son of A. P. and Eupha L. McDaniel died 31 August 1902 6 pm. Lived 4 days one hour.

Malden Emery McDaniel was born Friday 3:20 P.M. December 1910 Died. Saturday 16 September 4:20 pm. 9 no. 1 hr. old

Ernest McDaniel died 16 December 1937

Mamie McDaniel died 12 February 1935 at night

Arthur Patric McDaniel died 4 December 1914 8 o'clock night

Arthur B. McDaniel died 4 January 1935 Friday morn

Arthur B. McDaniel, son of A. P. McDaniel and Eupha L. McDaniel, was borned 7 June 1901


Mordon Lacy, son of A. P. and Eupha McDaniel, was borned 27 August 1902 Died 31 August 1902

Lacy Neville McDaniel was born Monday 20 November 1905 7 p.m. Died 12 October 1934

Eupha Estell McDaniel was born Wednesday 8 July 1908 2 pm. Died 22 September 1950 6 in morn Friday

Mamie Wilamena McDaniel was born Tuesday 3 July 1912 8:30 am. Died 3 August 1942 Monday 3 in morn

(Sarah Thrower Hardison)

Bible now in possession of Mr. P. L. Daniel, Pleasant Hill, N. C.

The title page indicates this Bible was published in 1850.

Henry J. Magee, son of Henry A. Magee and Lucy A., was born 25 May 1817 

Sarah Jane Magee, wife of Henry J. Magee, was born 25 January 1838

John Thomas Magee, son of Henry J. Magee and Sarah J., was born 12 December 1853

William Henry Magee, son of Henry J. Magee and Sarah J. , was born 11 December 1855

Mary L. was born 4 February 1857 

Joseph W. Magee was born 4 April 1858

Henry D. Magee was born 28 November 1861 the year the war comenced between the north and South

Samore Walters Powell, son of Josiah Powell and Sarah J., was born 20 July 1868 

Janney Levi Magee was born 11 May 1864

Prince Ellen Powell was born 3 June 1871

Josiah T. Powell, the son of Josiah and Sarah J., was born 6 June 1872 

Josiah E. Powell, the son of the same, was born 5 August 1873


Henry J. Magee Married Sarah Jane Moten, daughter of Thomas Moten, 12 February 1853

Mary L. Magee married M. L. Daniel 20 November 1872

William Henry died 28 February 1856

Henry Davis died 15 November 1864

Janney Levi died July 1865

Josiah T. Powell died 30 July 1872

Josiah E. Powell died 29 November 1873

Paul Philip Powell died 7 August 1875

Sarah Jane Magee, the wife of H. J. Magee, died 10 November 1880

J. T. Magee, son of H. J. Magee and Sarah J. Magee, died 6 October 1887

 (Birdie Dunn)

Bible now in possession of Mrs. W. T. Stephenson whose home is the William R. Davie House, Halifax, N. C. 27839

Swain S. Norman was born 1834 in Plymouth N. C. - died June 1902 in Littleton, N. C.

Ellen Crawford Hunter Norman was born 1840 in Halifax, N. C. died April 1908 in Richmond, Va.

Robert A. Patterson was born 1830 in Virginia died 1906 in Littleton, N. C. 

Susan I. Boyd Patterson was born 1840 in Virginia died 1907 in Littleton, N. C. 

Joseph Hunter Norman was born 31 December 1858 in Enfield, N. C.

Annie P. Norman was Born 10 July 1862 in Halifax, N. C.

They were married 3 December 1879 at Black Marsh, Halifax County, home of bride 

Robert A. Norman was Born October 1880 Died September 1881

Joseph H. Nom was Born 1 March 1882 married Marie A. Williams January 1907 



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