Some Bible Records
Halifax & Northampton Counties
North Carolina
[pp. 21-30]

Aidin Flemming, son of David Flemming and Ann, his wife, was born 12 March 1790

Willis Flemming, son of David Flemming and Ann, his wife, was born 26 June 1792

Nancy Fleming, daughter of David Flemming and Ann, his wife, was born 17 January 1798

Willis Fleming and Sarah Little were married 22 December 1814 

Willis Flemming was born 26 June 1792

Sarah Little was born. 23 December 1795, daughter of Jesse Little and wife Francis

Arcena Levina Fleming born 15 November 1815 

Jesse Little Fleming born 11 September 1817 

Zilla Ann Matilda Fleming born 30 December 1819 

David Patton Fleming born 18 October 1822

Frederic Dickens Little Fleming born 19 November 1827

Ninian Bunyan Fleming born 21 March 1830

Sarah Ann Frances Elizabeth Fleming born 21 September 1833

Jesse L. Flemming and Ann Pittman were married 19 October 1841

Jesse Little Flemming born 11 September 1817 and
Ann Pittman Flemming born 9 November 1820 

Mary Laweson Fleming born 19 August. 1842

Frances Little Adlaide Fleming born 22 February 1844

Robert Frederic Fleming born 11 June 1846
David Willis Fleming born 23 May 1848
James Edwin Fleming born 23 August 1850
Harriet Anna Fleming born 31 January 1853

John Whitmel Hill Fleming born 14 February 1855


Sallie Ann Fleming was born 31 August 1856

Elen Auguster Fleming was born 9 October 1858

Rinaldo Lee Fleming was born 12 August 1860

Alfred Vandon Fleming born 26 October 1862

Alden Flemming died 1 April 1790 

Frederic Fleming died 12 January 1851

Willis Fleming died 27 November 1854 in Edgeoembe Co.

Ninyan Bunyan Fleming died 1 August 1855

Frederic Dinkins Little Fleming died 7 September 1855

Alfred Vanden Fleming died 5 October 1865

B. A. Fleming died 28 March 1872

Salie Fleming wife of Willis died 18 October 1873

Arcena Levina Skinner daughter of Willis and Sallie died 6 June (or January) 1874

Elen Augusta died 23 November 1879
Harriet Anna Fleming died 27 June 1880

Anna Jane Fleming, daughter of John "Jon" Fleming and his wife was born 10 December 1877

William Edwin Fleming, son of the above was born 15 May 1879
Maudeleen Fleming, daughter of the above, was born. 11 October 1880
Mary Alice Fleming, daughter of Edwin and Mary, was born 18 June 1878

(John McGwigan)

Bible now in possession of John W. McGwigan of Enfield, N. C.

Containing the Old and New Testaments etc. New York : Printed by Hodge and Campbell and sold at their respective bookstores MDCCXCII

Inscriptions: "Tippos Sank? Hannon" This Bible was handed down to Olivia Hannon Whitaker, a great grand daughter of John Hannon."


Entries on the fly leaf: Apparent signature of John Hannon appears 4 tines in ancient, brown ink, and beside one of the signatures of John Hannon is written 4 December 1763 born"

Mrs. Dikinder Hannon was born 9 September 1769

John Hannon married Ann Ruffin Smith

Agnes Olivia Hannon, John Hannon's daughter, married Wilson Cary Whitaker

John Hannon, Halifax, 4 December 1783 (or 1763)

Elizabeth Mcater Hannon, daughter of John & Elizabeth Hannon was born 2 March 1785 (or 1775) - died 4 July 1787

John Johnson Hannon, son of John and Dichinder was born 4 August 1781 died 20 September 1793

Harriet Harmon was born 17 August 1791

Tippo Sail (or Saib) Hannon was born 13 February 1793

Ferdinand Hannon was born 24 December 1794

Nador Hannon was born 3 December 1796 -- died (torn) 4 December 1796

Ann Ruffin Hannon daughter of John Hannon and Ann H. (torn) was born May 1798 - died ?

Mary Warren Hannon was born 23 July 1799

John Hannon was born 4 Deter 1763 he departed this life on the 22 January 1805

John Montgomery Hannon was born 6 February 1805

Agnes Hannon was born 30 September 1802 -- died 19 March 1882 - married Wilson Cary Whitaker

(Birdie B. Dunn)

Bible now in possession of Mrs. Pauline Hargrove Clark, Rt. 1, Enfield, N. C. 27823

The title page of this Bible is missing, Bible is in terrible shape 


Joseph Addison Hargrove was married to Magratte Elizabeth Moore 4 February 1900

Joseph Addison Hargrove was born 27 May 1879

Margarette Elizabeth Hargrove was born 12 July 1882

James Edward was the son of J. A. Hargrove, wife Elizabeth was born 27 October 1900

Frank Leslie was the son of J. A. Hargrove, wife Elizabeth was born 2 May 1902

Oliver Douglas was the son of J. A. Hargrove, wife Elizabeth was born 10 August 1904

Pauline Hargrove was born 14 January 1906 

Joseph Irene Hargrove was born 19 September 1909 

James Edward Hargrove Died 30 December 1900.

Joseph Addison Hargrove Died 25 November 1909

(Sarah Thrower Hardison)

Bible is now in the possession of Mr. Braxton Raff Capel, Weldon, N. C.

Bible was published by Kimber and Sharpless in Philadelphia and sold at their Book-Store, No. 8 South 4th Street.

William H. Hardee was born 2 September 1784 

Sarah T. Hardee was born 8 April 1792 

Jabez T. Hardee was born 30 October 1811 

Martha E. Hardee was born 27 June 1813 

Rebecca P. Hardee was born 8 December 1814 

Winnifred H. Hardee was born 12 March 1816 

David C. Hardee was born 1 November 1817 

Jinnet T. Hardee was born 22 October 1819 

Mary E. Hardee was born 20 June 1821


William T. Hardee was born 23 February 1823

Gordy C. Hardee was born 21 April 1825

Joseph B. Hardee was born 7 April 1827

James H. Hardee was born 20 March 1829

Montelus L. Hardee was born 22 January 1831

William H. Hardee married Sarah T. Hardee 22 May 1810 

Jinnet T. Hardee married Joseph Barham 9 June 1836

Caleb C. Cordon married Winnifred H. Hardee 2 April 1838

W. W. Robinson married Mary E. Hardee 5 May 1840

W. T. Hardee married Mary Margarett Kennon 10 July 1845 in Claiborn Parish, Louisana

David C. Hardee married Ann T. Perry 24 November 1846 in the Parish of East Feliciana, Louisana

Cordee C. Hardee married Maxie E. Peele 3 April 1851

James H. Hardee married Elizabeth V. Williamson 14 January 1857 in County of Southampton, Virginia

Jabez T. Hardee died 16 February 1813

Martha E. Hardee died 26 April 1815

Rebecca P. Hardee died 22 April 1815

Joseph B. Hardee died 26 April 1829

Winnifred H. Gordon died 10 September 1840

Sarah E. Gordon died 5 July 1842

Mary E. Robinson died 8 September 1844

Sarah T. Hardee died 22 January 1859

William H. Hardee died 16 December 1859

James H. Hardee died 24 April 1882

Cordy C. Hardee died 6 February 1877


(Maude Fleming)

Bible now in possession of Mrs. Jack A. Pittman, Halifax, N. C. 27839

The title page of this Bible is missing.

Mr. George Hopkins of Scotland Neck was married to Miss Lena Staton of Scotland Neck on 30 January 1894 at Scotland Neck by J. K. Lumpkin (Baptist Minister, Scotland Neck)

Lena Mae Staton was born 16 March 1875

George F. Hopkins was born 6 February 1870

Teresa Hopkins was born 9 October 1898

Genie Mae Hopkins was born 21 October 1900

Betty Cornelia Hopkins was born 2 June 1903

Doris Hopkins was born 19 September 1906

Robert Hopkins was born 23 November 1908

Eugene Maney was born 3 December 1925

Dorothy Brinkley was born 3 July 1919

Robert J. Wolfe was born 11 October 1925

Mary Jane Maney was born 2 September 1928

Ann Bolton Conklin was born 31 January 1930

James Leon Thompson was born 24 January 1930

Teresa Joye Thompson was born 29 August 1932

Frances Ray Thompson was born 2 June 1935

Robert Edward Hopkins was born 25 September 1934

Grady Gene Thompson was born 8 August 1943

Genie Mae Hopkins married Carey Sylvester Brinkley 25 February 1918

Teresa Hopkins married john Henry Maney 21 April 1921


Betty Cornelia Hopkins married Harry Wolfe 18 November 1925

Grady S. Thompson married Doris Hopkins 31 August 1929

Bettie Hopkins Wolfe married E, J. Conklin of Ayden, N. C. 24 March 1929

Robert Hopkins married Mabel Hale of Scotland Neck in Jacksonville, Fla. 2 June 1936

Robert Hopkins married Edna Morrison 8 December 1957
Carey Sylvester Brinkley died 7 February 1928
Teresa Hopkins Maney died 4 August 1931
George Franklin Hopkins died 12 June 1933
Lena Mae (Staton) Hopkins died 23 December 1935
Eldon John Conklin died 15 June 1942 in Ayden
Grady Sullivan Thompson died 5 September 1964
John Henry Marley died 28 March 1968 age 71

(John W. McGwigan)

Bible now in the possession of Mrs. Mary Boseman Sherrod, Enfield, N. C.

Published by American Bible Society -- New York 1847

James Hunter and Sarah H. Branch were married 16 July 1833

Oliver P. Pittman and Martha C. Hunter were married 11 May 1854

Lewis Henry Whitaker and Elizabeth B. Hunter were married 3 April 1857
M. Cary Heptinstall and Rebecca W. Hunter were married 6 June 1859

John Branch and Josephine Hunter were married 25 September 1860

E. Tyler Branch and Mary B. Hunter were married Anno Domini 23 December 1868

Elizabeth B. Hunter was born 5 May 1834

Martha C. Hunter was born 3 March 1836

John Branch Hunter was born 12 February 1838


Rebecca William Hunter was born 18 January 1840

Josephine Hunter was born 30 September 1842

James Branch Hunter was born 12 November 1846

Mary Benton Hunter was born 17 October 1849

William B. Hunter was born 18 March 1852

Lewis Henry Hunter was barn November 1854 (day missing)

Maggie B. Hunter was born 5 December 1857

John Branch, father of Sarah W. Hunter was born 4 November 1782. Died 4 January 1863

"Mattie Branch daughter of John R. B. and Josephine Branch was born 15 August 1869"

Bessie Gunter daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Gunter was born 18 Septetber 1872

Sallie Heptinstall (sic) daughter of Cary and Rebecca Heptinstall born 5 October 1872

Walter Pittman son of Oliver and Martha Pittman was born 22 August 1855

Florida Pittman was born 8 March 1858

Sallie Henry daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Whitaker was born 25 January 1853

Alice Cary daughter of M. Cary and Rebecca W. Heptinstall was born 18 April 1860

Wellington Hill Heptinstall was born 12 August 1862

Ellen Branch daughter of John and Josephine Branch was born 13 September 1861

James W. Branch son of Jno. R. and Josephine Branch was born 17 April 1864

Sallie Branch daughter of Jno. R. and Josephine Branch was born 25 June 1866

E. L. Branch son of E. T. and Mary H. Branch 4 August 1872

R. R. Branch son of E. T. and May H. Branch (sic)


John Branch Hunter died 24 January 1839

Louis Henry Hunter died July 1855

Maggie B. Hunter died 8 October 1860

 Martha C. Pittman died 8 May 1862

Florida Pittman daughter of Oliver and Martha Pittman died 17 December 1860

Sallie Henry daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Whitaker died 12 August 1852

Wellington Hill Heptinstall (sic) died 2 January 1873

Jams Branch Hunter died 30 September 1936 

(Mable Hux Williams)

Bible now in the possession of Edward Walter Dickens III, 2308 Hood Court, Vifginia [Virginia] Beach, Va. 23454

Published by American Bible Society New York 1869 This Bible has been used quite a great deal and is in rather bad condition. The pages are separated and loose.

Alexander A. (Austin) Hux son of William Hux and his wife Mariah B (Mariah Temperance Brantley Dickens) Hux was Born in the year of our Lord 18 March 1841

Sarah E. (Eliza) Britt Daughter of Richard Britt and his wife Eliza Britt was Born in the year of our Lord 14 February 1846

Alexander A. Hux and Sarah E. Britt was married in the year of our Lord 2 October 1866

Alexander A. Hux and Sarah (Ann) Britt was marred in the year of our Lord 13 June 1888

Alexander Samuel Hux Son of Alexander A. Hux and his wife Sarah E. Hux was Born in the year of our Lord 17 November 1868

William Richard Hux was born in the year of our Lord 7 July 1870

Francies Luler Hux was born in the year of our Lord 11 July 1872

Elizar Doner Brantley Hux Was Born in the year of our Lord 18 September 1874


George Alpheus Hux was Born in the year of our lord 11 September 1876 

Sarah Elizabeth Hux was Born in the year of our Lord 17 November 1878 

Mathew W. (Wesley) Hux was born in the year of our Lord 30 May 1881 

Myra Ruth Hux was born in the year of our Lord 19 August 1882 

Leonora Ann Hux was born in the year of our Lord 28 February 1886 

Howard Mcdaniel Hux was Born 22 June 1896 Son S. A. Hux and Happy Hux

Sarah E. Hux died 18 April 1886

Agnes Tabitha Hux daughter of A. A. Hux and his wife Sarah Hux was born 22 November 1889

Haywood T. (Tillery) Hux son of A. S. Hux and his wife Happi D. Hux was borne in the year of our lord 11 May 1893

Annie Elizabeth Dickens daughter of E. W. Dickens and his wife E. D. B. Dickens was born in the year of our lord 8 July 1894

A. A. Hux died 10 November 1897

Mrs. M. B. Hux died 18 May 1894

Sarah Hux Departed this life April the 18 1917

A. S. Hux Departed this life 3 March. 1919

Mr. W. R. Hux died 16 July 1922

Mr. B. F. Hux died 11 August 1922

Began to read the new testament on the 25th day of December 1892 and finished it the 25 day of May 1893 6 chapters Every Sunday one Every night A. A. Hux

(Mable Hux Williams)

Bible now in the possession of Mrs. Ruth Hux Rowland Route 2 Box 152 Halifax, North Carolina 27839

The Holy Bible Authorized or King James version Family Circle Edition No publication date or publisher Presented to Myra Ruth Hux This Bible carries a very attractive family chart which has been filled out from Balaam Thomas Hux and his wife Myra Ruth (Hux) Hux to their grandparents, some have dates


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