Some Bible Records
Halifax and Northampton
North Carolina

Table of Contents
Note: The individual records are hyperlinked so you can go directly to the transcription by clicking on the name.
John Anderson Bible1
Lillian Barnes Bible2
James W. Batchelor Bible3
Joseph H. Branch Bible5
Ruth Stallings Branch Bible5
Thomas Capel Bible6
Ferdinand Clark Bible8
Coffield-Caps Bible9
Thomas Henry Cofield Bible11
Lee Grant Bible13
William H. Collier Bible15
James Estee Daniel Bible17
Mont L. Daniel and Mary Lou Magee Bible18
Donnie (Hux) Dickens Bible19
David Fleming Bible20
John Hannon Bible22
Joseph Addison Hargrove Bible23
William H. Hardee Bible24
George F. Hopkins Bible26
James Hunter Bible27
Alexander Austin Hux Bible29
Balaam Thomas Hux Bible30
Barzillia Franklin Hux Bible32
G. A. Hux and Ethel Bertha Hux Family Record33
G. A. Hux and Madalia Hux Family Record34
Maria Temperance Brantley (Dickens) Hux Bible35
Robert Olander Hux Family Records36
Sarah Elizabeth Hux Bible37
William Henry Hux Bible38
Johnson-Stallings Bible41
Kee (Kea) - Coker Bible42
Thomas Lem. Keeter and Hilda Shaw Keeter Bible45
S. M. Lewis Bible46
McDaniel Bible47
Joseph W. Magee Bible49
Swain S. Norman Bible50
Overton - Highsmith Bible51
Parker - Pope Bible53
Horace Pittman Bible54
George A. Pittman Bible55
Mary Frances Philips Pittman Bible57
Jacob Pope Bible59
Jesse Cotten Powell Bible61
Jesse Powell Bible62
John Powell Bible63
Richard Reese Bible65
Jesse Reid Bible66
Savage - Station Bible67
Family Record of John H. and Mary Shaw68
Squiggins Bible68
William R. Squire Bible70
Oliver Clinton Stallings Bible70
Bennett Edward Stephenson Bible71
George W. Stephenson Bible72
John J. Stephenson Bible  73
Roena Milner Stephenson Bible 75
William Stephenson Bible77
Sykes - Cooke Bible78
Lilla Taylor Bible79
L. M. Vick Bible80
Family Record of H. J. Weaver  81
Benjamin Franklin Whitaker Bible81
Whitfield Bible83
Whitfield Bible86
Lafayette Williams Bible87

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