Cohabitation Records - Husbands List

Prior to 1865, slaves in North Carolina were not legally permitted to marry, although many lived together as husband and wife. On March 10, 1866, the North Carolina General Assembly enacted legislation requiring that each county record the cohabitation of all former slaves residing within its jurisdiction. The act and a subsequent amendment required that the records be compiled by January 1, 1868. Following is a paged list of 646 entries transcribed from the Northampton County Cohabitation records by Tara L. Young in the course of her family research. Photographs of the pages from which these data are extracted are available by contacting the contributor.

This paged list is sorted alphabetically by husband's surname then given names. To view the corresponding list sorted by wife's name, click .

Groom's Given NamesGroom's SurnameBride's Given NamesBride's SurnameCommencement of Cohabitation
PeterAllenDilsaSmith1833 August
GeorgeBadgerFannieLaw1847 Jany
NathanBakerBetseyBaker1862 May
HarryBalmerMary JaneBarkley1844 Decr
Belfield SBarhamAmyBuffaloe1843

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