Freedmen Bank Records

SurnameGiven NameAccount DateBornSpouseResidence
Boone Mills 01/22 1870 1847   Edgecombe
Branch Eliza Antoniette 12/08/1868   George [Branch]  
Edinborough John 11/08/1871      
Garriess John 05/06/1873 1854   Portsmouth
Gary James 03/19/1872 1839 Margaret [Gary]  
Howard Jacob Dec      
Hurd Eliza 01/27/1870      
Hurd Winnie 01/27/1870      
Porter Anna 12/10/1869 1838    
Read Mary 05/19/1870     Jefferson
Schoolfield Lizzie 01/27/1869     Desoto
Smith Austin 09/08/1870 1812 Mary Smith  
Stevens Shadrach 04/08/1872 1851 Fanny [Stevens]  
Tann Dennis 06/20/1872 1845    
Vaughn Moses D 01/02/1872 1853   Northampton Co., NC
Weatherall Milby 02/16/1871   Ben Weatherall Fort Pickering

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